Injunctions, Restraining Orders and Other Pre-Judgment Remedies

In any area of law, the potential for a highly time-sensitive dispute to arise is real. While some can be settled efficiently, others can become complicated by concealment of assets, immediate threats of harm, harassment and fraud. In such situations, injunctions, restraining orders and other pre-judgment remedies are a critical part of preserving or securing a client's rights.

At McCormack Suny LLC, in Boston, we have helped both institutional and individual clients in Massachusetts successfully obtain and defend against restraining orders, lis pendens, preliminary injunctions and other pre-judgment remedies during conflicts such as:

  • Shareholder and partnership disputes
  • Specific performance of contracts
  • Disputes between board of trustee members
  • Condominium disputes
  • Will contests
  • Property title disputes

Securing Assets Through Pre-Judgment Attachments

If you or your business has a claim for damages, a pre-judgment attachment is a way to secure property to pay an eventual judgment by preventing a defendant from hiding, selling or otherwise disposing of property before a judgment is entered. A lawsuit must be filed in order to attach property to secure a judgment. Our attorneys can assist you in acting quickly to obtain a pre-judgment attachment.

Seeking Protection Through Restraining Orders – M.G.L. c. 209A And 258E

If you or your business assets are threatened, harassed or harmed by another individual during a legal dispute, a restraining order may be appropriate. Our lawyers can seek protection for you quickly. Once approved by a judge, a restraining order may prohibit an individual from disposing of assets, infringing on your business, violating non-compete agreements, disclosing trade secrets, or coming within a certain distance of you or your business. In the business context, we have also frequently defended clients against 258E restraining order claims as they are often used to gain strategic advantage in probate, shareholder, condominium and other disputes.

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