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Standard Form Real Estate Agreements

If you are a non-institutional landlord/owner of a commercial building,  McCormack Suny strongly recommends that you obtain experienced real estate counsel to review not only your commercial leases, but also to review brokerage fee agreements, property management agreements and any other contracts affecting your property.   By virtue of our long history of representing landlords and tenants we have come across multiple situations not anticipated by many of the standard form agreements used by these parties.    With the representation of an experienced real estate attorney, for a very modest amount of legal time invested, you can have one or more very important legal terms drafted in a way that will be highly advantageous to your interests.   In addition, the lawyers at McCormack Suny effectively utilize extensive in-house business experience from prior employment to both understand what market-based terms are on the various business points that are critical to your agreement, and make the deal better for you.

Published: February 5, 2017


McCormack Suny Third Quarter 2016 in Review

It was a busy third quarter at McCormack Suny as the firm continued the tradition of legal excellence of its predecessor, The McCormack Firm.  Representing companies and individuals in civil litigation, insurance coverage and commercial real estate transactions of all types, the quarterly highlights include spearheading the permitting of Massachusetts’ commuter rail partner Keolis’ “Ring of Steel” project which will bring fare barriers/gates to the three primary heavy rail stations in Boston — North and South Stations and Back Bay Station, saving an estimated $30 million/year in lost fares due to evasion.   In addition, the firm successfully obtained City of Boston ZBA approval of client Delaware North/TD Garden’s variance application to replace the existing static billboard on the north face of the TD Garden wall with two electronic (LED) signs that will make the face of the Garden a true gateway into Boston.   Both of these newsworthy transactions are ongoing with respect to additional approvals and the firm looks forward to continuing to guide them to a successful conclusion.

Published: October 28, 2016.

How to get a deal when buying a commercial property

On behalf of McCormack Suny LLC posted in commercial real estate on Sunday, May 15, 2016.

Getting a good deal on commercial real estate can put your business into a great position. Is that possible today? Absolutely, thanks to the drop in property prices in the late 2000’s.

For people who want to invest, lower prices for commercial properties mean a great time for investing. Buying property when it costs less means you have time to allow its value to grow again, and when the value increases, you’ll reap the rewards.

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What are some basic facts about contracts?

Contracts are legally enforceable, and they join two or more parties into an agreement that may be enforced via the court systems if anything goes wrong. The parties in these arrangements are obligated to do or not to do certain things based on the arrangement that has been signed. For instance, if you are supposed to work Monday through Friday preparing fish in exchange for free rent, then you would be in a contractual agreement with your landlord.

There are some restrictions on who can enter into a contract, and these restrictions are there to protect those individuals. For instance, a person who is mentally disabled is not legally able to enter into a contract, since he or she may not understand what it means to be in that contract with another party. Minors can enter into contracts, but most of the time, these contracts can be voided before they reach 18 years old.

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